Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Almost the New Year!

My tile work has been excruciatingly slow in the last few months. I have a regular customer who asks me for two of my house tiles every year, and this time I forgot to snap pics of them for my portfolio. Rats. Ever have those times when you wish you could turn back time to fix those things big and small? I also wanted to ask her for a testimonial while there was still time to encourage holiday sales, but I didn't do that either.

Now's the time to admit to myself that I'm less the marketer and more the artist. Yes, yes, it's important to do both, but I'm a business of one (and 3/4, if you include my awesome husband G, and my social media marketing company, FunCity) and sometimes it's all just overwhelming. Grrr, if I had a nickel for every "missed opportunity."


I have stayed on top of learning how to sew, which is brand new for me, and it keeps me feeling and moving creatively even when my tile business slows to a crawl. It's an amateur hobby for me, and I've become frustrated often. I made my sister a cool-looking shirt and her wife a bag to hold her crochet stuff for on-the-go. The pattern on the shirt didn't go over with fanfare, but the bag (quilted, six pockets, two handles) was a hit. She said she owns some of my tile that has the same southwestern feel. Here is a pic of my newest handiwork. Suggestions, comments?
Creativity can be a fickle bear. How do you feed your creative "monster"?