Friday, January 16, 2009

Famous Goat

This is a portrait of "Bentley", a pet goat. You may have seen him a few times on Animal Planet, doing his tricks.

Here are two portraits in the same family. These are great people, they adopt retired racing greyhounds and give them very happy homes. This is "Abu" and "Stripe", obviously not greyhounds lol. Some families need a lot of dogs to capture all the love they have to give.

Happy New Year!

This was a huge challenge, piecing together from a million images on a fabric, the client and I created a nice mural in the French Toile style. It doesn't look complicated, but it sure was.
I am getting ready to have one of two surgeries on my leg. The first is to remove the hardware and screws from when I broke it two years ago. The second is to give me a new knee joint. I am scared but excited. Just to be able to walk again.....maybe this is the year!