Tuesday, March 20, 2007

A Few Thoughts About Ceramic Painting

People all over paint "ceramics". Everybody has a grandma or auntie who gets together with the gals once a week and "paints ceramics". Just to clarify, this is not what I do, although it is included in what I know. Before I started painting tile, I did wildlife and pet portraits in colored pencil, a many-layered technique to produce sharp detail that I seem to be addicted to. (I have to put close-up pictures beside my paintings like the caladiums in my previous post so people can see how obsessed I am with detail!) I never would have gone so deeply into painting tile if I could not find a way to reproduce the sharp detail I was accustomed to producing in my colored pencil work. I guess I better show an example of that, doncha hate when people talk about something and dont show you a picture?) The secret to neat details in ceramic painting is Underglaze! It is rich pigment that shows through the transparent regular glaze colors on top and voila! If you know HOW transparent your glazes are, you will know what to expect in the final firing, but that is a subject for another book, I mean another lifetime, I mean another day lol.

A Few More Items You Can Ask About

Sometimes I Will Have Items for Sale

Once in a while there is a mix-up in communication with a client and I will have single tiles or murals for sale. They are reduced in price because I dont have room to store them safely, and since they are already painted, of course the customer has no color or design options. Here are a few items that are currently in this group.