Monday, January 7, 2008

Happy New Year!

Well it's the new year. Who would have thought I would live this long? haha Anyway, since I have no new work, except for a dog portrait due in February, I decided to play with clay. I made a plaque yesterday for my address and I will be mortaring it to the front of my house. Havent picked colors yet but I will post it when it is finished. Next will be a series of steppingstones for the front to my mailbox and the back to my studio. Front first because it is flat haha. They will be large pieces of mosaic that I carve out of sculpture clay and attach to store-bought vitreous stepping stones. Cool huh?

Also I am posting another picture of my work that appeared in Timber Homes Magazine. People said you couldnt see it well, so here it is. Still cant, but I guess it is better than the other one lol.